I love to create, my dream is for my creations to lead me to success . . . or at least a version of it.

To kick off the Tenacity series, I attended the annual RAW art show Magnify. And wow! It was an outstanding time! Originated in 2005, the RAW Art Organization, a promotional platform that prides themselves on being made for artists by artists, showcases indie creatives in art, film, fashion, music, performing arts, hair, makeup, and photography. […]

Lately, I just have not been able to pull out the motivation to write anything. Maybe it’s because of the many rejections I have been receiving in my endeavors to make my writing more public. Maybe it’s because I have a tendency to announce my accomplishments before they actually reach success. Either way. . . […]

Believe me, I have been through the times when it seemed like the itching would never end. The first few months of locking were definitely the worst of times. Every time I started to itch I would just grease or wash in hopes of finding some sort of relief. Let me tell you, nothing is […]